McKinley "MJ" Pearce
Production Sound Mixer

McKinley "MJ" Pearce is a seasoned production sound mixer and recordist known for their versatile skills in documentary, short films, commercials, TV, and corporate production. With an innate talent for collaborating seamlessly with producers, visual directors, and production crews, MJ consistently delivers top-tier sound quality, ensuring that every dialogue captures the essence of the narrative.

His exceptional work played a pivotal role in the success of "Repressive Fire," a short film that clinched the prestigious titles of Best Actor, Best Screenplay, and Best Film at the Sanford Meisner Film Festival in San Francisco. Additionally, MJ's expertise shines through in projects like the Bleacher Report video, where he contributed to the captivating audio promotion of Capcom Gaming's groundbreaking release, "Resident Evil 2," for gaming consoles.

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