Audio Cart Package (per day)
  • 1x Cart-Based Multi-Track Recorder
  • 2x Wireless Boom System
  • 6x Wireless Lav Mic
  • 1x Timecode Slate 
  • 2x Timecode Sync Boxes for Camera
  • 2x Wireless Mono Audio Cam Receiver
  • 1x IFB Transmitter
  • 4x IFB Receivers
Mobile Audio Package (per day)
  • 1x Bag-Based Multi-Track Recorder
  • 1x Boom Microphone Kit
  • 2x Wireless Lav Channels
  • 1x Timecode Sync Box for Camera
  • 1x Wireless Audio Receiver for Camera
Film/Television/Commercial Sound Mixer

Labor day rate (10 hours)

After 10 hours ($127.50 hr)

Add-On Equipment
Additional Boom Mic Kit (per day)
Wireless Lav Channel (per day)
Mono Audio Receivers for Camera (per day)
Timecode Sync Box (per day)
IFB (First Channel) (per day)
IFB Receivers (per day)
MP3’s for Transcription (per day)
Travel / Idle Day Labor Rate
Mileage IRS Rate
Per Diem GSA Rates
Expendables Billed as Used
Additional Personnel
Boom Op/A2 (10 hours)
Utility/Assistant (10 hours)

Rate Guarantee

We believe in giving the best deal possible, which is negotiable within reason. We will never shortcut quality for any reason, and our gear is pro-grade and always ready to go. Our work speaks volumes.

We are not the guy that shows up on set just to collect a payday; we come prepared to work, and at the end of the day, “client satisfaction" and “job well done” 

We will match any legitimate quote from any qualified production sound mixer for the same job.


M.J. Pearce / Production Sound Mixer

18 February 2024
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Copyright: All files recorded by McKinley Pearce are the property and copyright of McKinley Pearce until all invoices, fees and payments are in full. This includes, but is not limited to, labor, equipment fees, L&D, expenses, and reimbursements.

Insurance: A certificate of insurance with general liability and rented equipment coverage must be issued by production.

L&D: Production assumes all responsibility for any loss or damage during the term of the shoot (no exceptions)

Storage: All files will be stored for a minimum of 6 months, up to 1 year upon request and fee.

Cancellations: 50% fee due if cancelled within 48 hours, 100% if within 24 hours.

Travel: All travel expenses may be required to pay an advanced deposit.

Pre-Production: 100% of the labor rate for prep days and tech scouts.

• Rates and terms listed herein are otherwise documented in writing between the production company and McKinley Pearce.

• Accepted payment terms are Cash, Electronic Payments, and Cashiers Check (check must be presented at beginning of shoot unless otherwise approved)

• All invoices are due upon receipt or Net 15