. You Had a Bad Day ( Pilot ) ( Renee Sava )

. Brad Lomax Season 1 RENEGADES ( PBS KVIE, Inspiration Films, LLC )

• Gilead Anthem-HIV / (Special Order Production)

• Behind the Pole (Season 1) (ATS)

• Sex Sells (Season 3) (Fuse Media/Jaam Productions)

• (Chuckii Booker) Interview & Performance (TV One) (Unsung 13)

• (Curriculum Assoc.) (Beverly Boy Productions)

• The Great American Baking Show (Baking Competition)

• Be Safe, Be Seen (Commercial) – (Story Lit Films)

• Models – (Wonderhood Studios)

• Going Fur Gold (S1) (Painless TV)

• Comcast – DC Thank you (Interview – East Coast Creative)

• UFO Interview (Streetcar Entertainment)

• Zombies and Monster’s Interview (Streetcar Entertainment)

• Mickey’s Tree (Short) (Bright Coast Productions)

• Sticky Situation (Short)

• Alaska Man (Interview)

• Snapped (Season 30 – Oxygen) (The Hive Entertainment)

• Completely Loyal to Me (Short)

• Snapped (Season 29 – Oxygen) (The Hive Entertainment)

• George Floyd March Portland (NBC)

• 90 Day Fiance (Season 8 – TLC) (Jaam Productions)

• The Hive TV (Snapped Episodic Series on Oxygen)

• Biracial Beauties (Short)

• Can’t Drive A Stick (Short)

• A Mother’s Letter “The Stephon Clark Story” (Roc Nation) (Red Summer TV)

• Car Dog (Auto Dealership Commercial) (Steven Gurley Productions)

• Academy Of Art San Francisco (Sound Stage) (Reel Development)

• My Brothers’ Crossing (Feature) 

• Make-A-Wish Foundation (The Reveal-Keanuue)

• Alliance for Children’s Rights (California Endowment/Children in Foster Care) (Non-Profit)

• Bleacher Report/Capcom Gaming-Resident Evil 2 (with De’Aaron Fox) (Promo)

• No Turning Back (Indie)

• Bleacher Report/Invictus Cologne (BR Holiday Gift Guide with Iman Shumpert) (Promo)

• Hope for the Holidays (Feature) DownTown LA Group

• Family Bonded (Pilot)

• Violet Rain (Short)

• Punch Line Comedy Club (Langston Kerman) (Live)

• New Recruits (Short)

• Decoupage (Short)

• Holos internet Promo

• Repressive Fire (Short) (Goodfellow Visuals)

• Dead by All Rights (Short)

• Christian On Canvas (Short)

• Slump Musiq (Documentary)

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