Rate Sheet


I believe in giving the best deal possible and is negotiable within reason. I will never short cut quality for any reason, and my gear is pro grade and always ready to go…my work speaks volumes.

I am not the guy that shows up on set just to collect a payday, I come prepared to work, and at the end of the day “Client satisfaction”  “Job Well Done” 

I will match any legitimate quote from any qualified Production Sound mixer for the same job.


Film / Television / Shorts

Day Rate / Sound Mixer $750 / 10 hrs

Audio Cart Package Rental $1200 / day

Base Production Audio Package –
Mixer Station, Wiring Station, 6 wireless, timecode support for 2 cameras, 5 Comteks, Accessories.
Custom audio packages available depending on needs.

Interview Package Rental $450 / day

Base Doc/Corp Package –
Multi-track bag based recording rig, boom mic kit, 2 wireless mic kits, hardline audio to 1 camera, C-stand, accessories, batteries for 1 day’s work
Additional Items available a’ la carte.
See menu below

Commercial Package Rental $550 / day

Base Commercial Audio Package

  • Mixer station with multi-track recording
  • Wiring station with wireless and accessories
  • 2 wireless lav mic kits
  • Boom mic kit with pole and accessories
  • 4 Comtek for program listen, includes headphones and batteries
  • Batteries, accessories, and basic expendables for 1 day

A’ la Carte

Additional gear

Wireless lav Package $75 / day

Lectrosonics Wireless TX/RX kit with Sanken COS-11 lav mic.
Includes accessories, cables, mounts, batteries
Per Day / Per Each

Timecode (Smart) Slate $75 / day

Denecke digital timecode slate
Includes cables, batteries, accessories
Per Day / Per Each

Timecode Sync Box $50 / day

Timecode sych box (lockit/clockit) for camera / audio sync.
Includes cables, accessories, batteries
Per Day / Per Each

Comtek $35 / $20 / day

Comteks for Producer and Agency program listen.
35 for the base station, 20 each for receivers.
Includes belt clip, headphones, batteries
Per Day / Per Each

Camera Hop $50 / day

Wireless audio feed for camera. Commonly referred to as a hop, this allows a single channel of reference audio to be sent to camera for editorial assist.
Includes transmitter, receiver, accessories cables, batteries.
Per Day / Per Each



  • ALL invoices are due upon receipt. Payment via payroll service due net-15.
  • Pre-Production: 100% of Labor Rate for Prep Days and Tech Scouts.
  • Cancellations: 50% fee due if cancelled within 48 hours, 100% if within 24 hours. 
  • Storage: All files will be stored for a minimum of 6 months, up to 1 year upon request & fee.
  • Copyright: All files recorded by McKinley Pearce are property & Copyright of McKinley Pearce until all invoices, fees and Payments in full. This includes but not limited to Labor, Equipment fees, L&D, Expendables, and reimbursements.
  • Travel: All travel expenses may be required to pay an advanced deposit.
  • Accepted payment terms are CASH or CASHIERS CHECK ( check must be presented at beginning of shoot )
  • Insurance: Certificate of Insurance with General Liability and Rented Equipment Coverage must be issued by Production.
  • L&D: Production assumes ALL responsibility for any lost or damage during the term of the shoot, (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • Rates & Terms listed herein otherwise documented in writing between Production Company and McKinley Pearce.